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Digital front ends and controllers

Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server

Performance, robustness and accuracy to meet the m

FreeFlow Print Server
Key Features
  • FreeFlow® Print Servers have been supporting the Xerox Production fleet since 1995 and provide the front-end for the Xerox production fleet: from mono through high-production color; cut sheet to roll fed; and xerographic to ultra-high speed ink jet
  • Delivers the performance and productivity to meet demands of the Graphic Communications market
  • Provides robust FreeFlow® Print Server workflow using Job, Queue, Resource and Color management
  • In addition to the full PDF workflow, FreeFlow® Print Server supports PS, PPML, IPDS, LCDS and other datastreams
  • Supports Hot Folder, Hot Drop, JDF/JMF, IPP, LPR, Socket, and native Windows job submission mechanisms
  • Proprietary profiling, calibration and n-color management of FreeFlow® Print Server deliver unparalleled color accuracy
  • Provides support for a broad set of application clients and workflows including FreeFlow® Suite, FreeFlow® VI Suite, and XMPie®
  • Delivers common workflow across heterogeneous printer environments

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