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Production Printing Software


ProfitAccelerator™ resources

  • Contains three modules: 1) Investment Planner, 2) Job Estimation Tool, and 3) Business Planner
  • Completely customizable for your particular applications, workflows, costs, and equipment
  • Produces easy-to-understand reports with intuitive charts and graphs
  • Includes sensitivity analysis to market factors such as growth, turnaround time, and variable data premiums
  • Provides easy "what-if" analysis to help you make favorable long-range business decisions
  • Analyzes the entire workflow from database management through mailing and distribution
  • Part of the ProfitAccelerator™ series of business development tools and strategies in the ProfitAccelerator Digital Business Resources collection

Price Range: Call for price.

XMPie® PersonalEffect® StoreFlow™

Complete web-to-print solution with built-in prepr


Key Features

  • Cloud SaaS subscription or licensed software makes StoreFlow affordable, flexible and fit your business needs
  • Complete web-to-print storefront solution that manages the entire workflow from order acquisition to production to fulfillment
  • Lights-out prepress automation with built-in Xerox FreeFlow™ Core
  • Simple setup and maintenance – only a few steps to set up your unique, branded store
  • Static, personalized and variable data documents – print buyers can upload documents or select from a catalog
  • JDF / JMF compliant job ticketing for greater automation, speed, cost efficiency, and ease-of-use
  • Mobile-friendly – intuitive online shopping experience from a desktop or mobile device
  • Integrated shopping cart with credit card processing or billing options
  • UPS and FedEx integration – instant pricing and shipping slips
  • Flexible reporting with detailed analysis of storefront sales and profitability
  • Supports an Adobe workflow – create product templates using a familiar environment
  • Upgradeable to support cross-media

Price Range: Call for price.