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Freeflow software and scanners

FreeFlow™ Express to Print

Fast and easy prepress at your fingertips.

FreeFlow Express to Print


  • Delivers exceptional value at an affordable price, tailored specifically for print operations looking to automate prepress and job preparation quickly and easily
  • Easy to use – even easier to install, without the configuration or server requirements of most other workflow solutions
  • Increases your productivity through automation of frequently-repeated jobs, complex print jobs, and routine job preparation tasks
  • Visual, logical, simple interface lets even novice users become experts quickly – intuitive design accelerates operator use and minimizes required training
  • Saves time and resources by ensuring each job will print correctly the first time, with on-screen graphical representations
Save time and ensure consistent output by automatically converting your files to PDF
Free trial download allows you to try the software in your own print environment

Price Range: 1,200 - 2,499

Xerox® FreeFlow® Makeready®

Create Complex Documents with Ease

FreeFlow Makeready
  • Advanced prepress, simplified. 
  • Your capabilities, amplified.
Take the time and labor out of capturing and editing documents and preparing jobs for print.

Boost productivity with quick, easy, and accurate editing.

Key Features
  • Unsurpassed scan-to-print productivity – integrates with select TWAIN-compliant Xerox® DocuMate® scanners for superior image quality output with advanced image processing operations
  • Remote Scan – use your in-house Xerox production press onboard scanners, or Xerox office multifunction device scanners to capture scanned documents, giving you more flexibility
  • Automated programming and annotation of tabs – improving accuracy and consistency of output, while reducing the time and effort to set up jobs
  • Precise control – with "Electronic Light Table", front-to-back alignment is made easy for creating book publishing applications such as booklets, catalogs and manuals
  • True PDF workflow – accept a wide variety of input file types including Adobe PostScript®, PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG and more
  • WYSIWYG – "what you see is what you get" document preview improves accuracy and simplifies the proofing and approval process
  • Automatic job ticket updates – see your job changes reflected automatically in the job ticket, saving you time when it's time to print
  • Include basic variable content – create high-value documents by adding personalization with an easy-to-use merge and labeling utility
  • Specialty Imaging Text – provides unique special effects, delivering visual interest as well as security to static text in documents

Price Range: Call for price.

FreeFlow™ Output Manager™

Multiple printers working as one – automatically

FreeFlow Output Manager

Key Features 

  • Allows you to reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency by effectively prioritizing, scheduling and splitting print jobs throughout your print operation
  • Boosts production capacity by leveraging your digital printing resources and cost-effectively printing mixed monochrome and color jobs
  • Bridges the gap between production environments and office devices with Extensible Interface Platform™ (EIP) – users can scan jobs and select ticketing options with an MFP and send them directly to your centralized print center
  • Lowers your print production costs by maximizing the use of digital printing assets, reducing labor needs, and automating print job routing
  • Allows you to receive jobs from anywhere on your network and send jobs to any number of devices using a single, unified interface

Price Range: Call for price.

FreeFlow™ Process Manager™

Automate prepress for a touchless workflow.

FreeFlow Process Manager
  • Reduce cost with automation
  • Increase pre-press efficiency
  • Maximize printing capacity by doing more in less time and with fewer mistakes
  • Maintain consistency and high quality across similar jobs while reducing costs (both labor and training)
  • Enable true web-to-print by integrating with your web portal
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Enable new applications
  • Meet customer expectations and turn-around time
  • Complete complex jobs without having to overhaul all of your existing processes – leverage existing investments
  • Keep up with technology
  • Design an automated workflow that fits your business today, while keeping the door open to a higher level of automation tomorrow

Price Range: Call for price.

FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite

More personalization possibilities to suit your ne

FreeFlow Variable Information Suite

Key Features

  • VI Design Express, an Adobe® InDesign® plug-in, is used to generate variable data applications driven by delimited or XML promotional data. Applications can include variable text, images and layers, barcodes and powerful conditional logic. Output formats include PDF, VPC and VPP.
  • VI Design Pro is an advanced tool that can unleash the productivity of your staff as they provide sophisticated and complex variable data applications such as transactional documents (bills, statements, policies).
  • VI Compose is a robust composition tool that resides on your printer and constructs your jobs with optimum efficiency. VI Compose utilizes dynamic document construction, merging data and resources at the RIP, eliminating the need for time-consuming pre-composition. VI Compose supports Xerox PS RIPs and FreeFlow™ Print Server APPE RIP.

  • VI eCompose is a scalable system that can seamlessly compose PDF files from the same data you send to print. VI eCompose supports PDF interactive features, web job submission for use in SaaS environments, and Adobe job security options. It creates master and optional child PDF files and provides a powerful dispatch module to move jobs to the next step in your workflow process (CRM, archiving, etc.). PDF files generated by VI eCompose can also be printed to any Xerox PS or APPE RIP.
  • The VI Suite components can enable Xerox specialty imaging text, which provides easy and affordable ways to add unique features to your documents

Price Range: Call for price.

Xerox Scan to PC Desktop™

Increasing your office productivity by enhancing document efficiency

Xerox Scan to PC Desktop™

Key Features:

  • Access and scan to cloud-based repositories, including DropBox, Microsoft Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs,, so you can be productive wherever you are
  • Connect your MFP with your mobile device with PaperPort
  • Save time at the MFP by personalizing your Xerox EIP-enabled MFP scanning menus (Professional version only)
  • Route documents almost anywhere with the push of a button – to e-mail, network repositories, content management systems and even directly to the desktop (Professional version only)
  • Automatic conversion to searchable PDF, MS Word and Excel documents with world class Optical Character Recognition word accuracy (Professional version only)
  • Easily integrate scanned documents with Enterprise Content Management systems like Microsoft SharePoint or Xerox DocuShare (Professional version only)
  • Instantly convert PDF files into documents, forms, and spreadsheets that look just like the original; complete with text, columns, tables, and graphics (Professional version only)
  • Quickly, reliably and affordably turn your PC documents, drawings and images into industry-standard PDF files (Professional version only)
  • Add Bates Stamping and Page Numbering to all of your PDF files (Professional version only)
  • Create secure PDF files for sharing and archiving with password and permission control including redaction to permanently remove sensitive information from documents (Professional version only)
  • Transform paper-based business forms into fillable PDF forms and automatically scan and collect data from completed forms (Professional version only)
  • Comply with industry standards with Windows 7 64-bit OS and Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 "x" file format extensions (such as .docx) support

Price Range: Call for price.